About Two Blokes

By on March 8, 2017

Darren was just 12 years old when first diagnosed with cancer in December 1996. After a year of chemotherapy and operations he was declared in remission although more challenges lay ahead. During the treatment his leg became infected as a result of his immune system being so low. Over the following three years Darren would be in and out of hospital undergoing various surgeries and treatments. At the age of 17 Darren was given two options from his doctors, and this led to his decision to have his leg amputated below the knee in December 1999.

Matt has a background in media where he was the proprietor of a video productionbusiness before focusing on his aviation endeavours. Matt is an up and coming aerobatic pilot and a keen supporter of speedway racing helping promote the sport from the age of 16. Matt also had a close call in 2012 with a serious health scare and spent time in and out of hospital. In a matter of weeks he lost over 20% of his body weight and was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

Once people experience significant events in their life such as Matt and Darren have this has an unmistakable effect of sharpening ones focus on what is important in life and what you are capable of when you put your mind to it.

As an avid supporter of a worthy cause Darren played an integral role with a number of charities including the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, Starlight Foundation and is an ambassador and key note speaker fortheSteven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Darren and Matt’s passion comes from their past experiences and ability to show courage in adversity. The understanding that there are people out there in similar situations that need help and support was something they both wanted to get behind.

Two Blokes “Adventure for funD” was formed in August 2013 with the vision of becoming a dominate force in raising awareness and funding for various charities and organisations.